Innovation Hub

  • Vision


    To be a pioneer incentive program for innovation in biotechnology

  • Mission


    Support building influential startups in biotechnology to unleash its economical and social potentials

  • Outcomes


    Innovative startups in the fields of biotechnology

About The Program

The BioTech Startups Program is the first program in the region designed to support and incentivize biotech startups. It promotes emerging initiatives in biotechnology and develops them into startups yielding innovative products. As such, it supports the nation’s economy and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 that adopts a diversified model based on converting innovation to sustainable economic resources.


  • Medical doctors
  • Agricultural, veterinarian, and environmental Workers
  • Biomedical development
  • Healthcare employees
  • Entrepreneurs and investors in biotechnology industry


    1. Incentivize startups in biotechnology
    2. Support skilled talents in navigating challenges in biotechnology
    3. Localize latest technologies
    4. Develop applications in compliance with national strategies for biotechnology


Registration in the biotech startups program

Registration for the program starts from February 20, 2022 until March 25, 2022.

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Specialized Training

  • Pfizer

  • Illumina

  • MSD


  • IAU

  • Dammam Valley

Strategic Partner

  • Saudi Aramco


  • The Ministry of Investment

  • Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources

  • FII

  • Sadara

Frequently asked questions

Does the program's applicant is limited to Saudi Arabia only?

No, the program is available for registration from inside and outside Saudi Arabia and for all nationalities.

Do you have to be present on site during the program's activities?

No, the program's activities will be conducted on site and remotely simultaneously. 

Why participating in the program is important?

To obtain the best training and consultancies by elite specialists. Also, to obtain the financial support for the biotechnology investment. 

What are the conditions to qualify for the program?

The applicant must have an established startup or proposal (idea) that he/she want to make it startups related to one of the biotechnology fields.

Who are the targets to be registered in the program?

The program targets various sectors and individuals, including entrepreneurs, investors, medical employees, and those interested in biotechnology.

Do i need to have a team to participate in the program?

No, you can participate as an individual or with a team.